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Agile Precis Featured in The Silicon Review — A Flexible Engineering Framework to Reduce Risk and Expense

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Contact: Dillon Franks, CMO
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Agile Precis Featured in The Silicon Review — A Flexible Engineering Framework to Reduce Risk and Expense


(Austin, Texas, January 2016) The December 2015 issue of the leading industry journal The Silicon Valley Review features Agile Precis LLC, a highly innovative and unique provider of technical expertise, custom engineered software and risk management solutions. The article details the company’s unmatched combination of competencies assembled using Agile methodologies and best business practices to provide clients with optimum products and services quickly and cost-effectively.

“It’s always an honor to be recognized by your peers, particularly such a prestigious trade site as The Silicon Review,” says Sean Hamilton, Agile Precis founder and CEO. “We’re making news because in an industry subject to both fast-paced technical advances and complex regulatory requirements, not to mention quickly evolving marketing conditions and business goals, Agile Precis provides flexible resources with a reasonable cost structure to launch operations that fully achieve corporate goals and legal directives.”   

These unique capabilities are grounded in Agile project management concepts used in software development, along with other best practices. “It’s part of our name, because it’s what we live and breathe,” Hamilton emphasizes. “We just don’t say we employ an Agile approach, it’s the underpinning framework and operating philosophy of Agile Precis. Our people are certified experts in a variety of Agile approaches, including Scrum, Six Sigma, ITILv3, and UML. Most of our systems engineers hold a Ph. D and are involved in cutting-edge research and teaching at leading universities. We apply this expertise to engineer bespoke solutions to respond to a variety of technical and business issues that are constantly in flux. Our products and services encompass one or more disciplines, including legacy and systems integration, cybersecurity, risk management, software development and systems engineering. We also offer an expanding selection of easy-to-use products to help customers manage risks to both their technical systems as well as related physical assets, as well as general business assessments.”

Spinning Solutions

Key to the unique approach of Agile Precis is the concept of “spinning.” According to Hamilton, “When an unforeseen issue occurs in software development, the typical approach is to ‘waterfall’—meaning to just go with the flow and work out problems as they appear. Agile Precis practices a better way. When a problem occurs—and you can almost always count on problems occurring—we spin. That means we stop and re-examine and re-evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it, back up a little and develop something proactive that instead of putting out fires as they occur, prevents them from happening in the first place. The result is a better-built solution that in the long run is more economical for the customer; moreover, it enables the customer to grow more efficiently in the future.”

Agile Precis specializes in small-to- medium businesses and startups, as well as organizations within large corporations, of highly regulated industries with complex compliance requirements. These include government agencies and federal contractors, healthcare, pharmaceutical and financial services, as well as IT groups in other industries. The company also provides technical consultation on patent issues. A subsidiary, Agile Precis Ventures, offers business consulting, management and business process outsourcing services to help established start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises improve growth and profitability and to help obtain access to venture capital.

The Silicon Review is an online community for top-level executives to learn about innovative approaches to the latest technical and business challenges, one of the most trusted platforms that combines thought leadership with comprehensive high-tech industry and startup coverage.

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Agile Precis LLC ( was founded in 2010 to provide small to medium business, as well as organizations within large corporations, expert solutions engineered to the highest industry standards and innovative technology products designed to provide unique data solutions to the enterprise and improve operational performance quickly at minimum expenditure of resources and expenses. AP has a strong team of degreed professionals who are experts and setting standards in the areas of cyber security, software patent litigation, regulatory compliance, software development, systems integration of legacy and otherwise disparate components. A subsidiary, Agile Precis Ventures, provides business development consulting services and funding strategies for startups, early stage ventures and small-medium sized enterprises. Agile Precis is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Charlottesville, Va., Kansas City, MO., Austin, Texas, Overland Park, Kan. And Pleasant Hill, Calif.